Season of Peace and Joy.

Last night, I added music to my Amazon Prime library, including music I’ve been eyeing for a year: Sufjan Stevens’ “Songs for Christmas.” It’s delightful Christmas music, and I enjoyed listening to it last night, a desensitization exercise of sorts for what’s about to hit in a month.

This afternoon, I went to Jimmy John’s for lunch, and my sticker holding the wrap on my #12 said “Merry X-Mas.”
Really, Jimmy John’s?
It’s November 4. Can’t I enjoy Thanksgiving a little bit? 
(As I’m writing this, an IHOP commercial is on, featuring jingle bells and snow and wreaths.)
It’s no secret I’m not much a fan of the holiday season, yet I persist in trying to find ways to enjoy it. And every year, I’m grateful for this gem from The West Wing, because I identify with it so very well.
(Sorry for the quality. On YouTube, you get what you get.)

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