This Kid.

Today I’m grateful for the kid who wrote this story.

I first met the kid who wrote this story four years ago when I assumed the role of newspaper adviser at the high school. That first year was rocky (not as rocky as my first year coaching speech, thank goodness), but he stuck with through his senior year of high school. 
This kid is now a freshman at UNL, on scholarship, and is killing it for The Daily Nebraskan. I’m so stinkin’ proud I can hardly think about what he’s accomplished this first semester without tearing up just a tidge.
I’m grateful he’s following his dream of becoming a sportswriter, and grateful he sends me his stories, not only because I like to read them, but also because it reminds me that what I do as a writing teacher can have long-term effects on some select students, and that’s a good thing for me to remember this time of year.
Thanks, Nick. Keep ’em comin’.

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