Even On Bad Days…

Today was not the best. 

At lunch, when my friend A.J. pressed for details, I said, “I’ve already talked about it twice today and cried twice.”
“So, maybe let’s not talk about it,” he said.
Which was fine with me.
On days like these, it’s can be difficult to find things to be grateful for. But during 7th hour, my friend Amy texted me to let me know she’d be coming over for a Wednesday night visit (we try to do that once a month), and I texted back that I had pieces of Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake in the freezer, and I could pull out a few pieces if she was interested.
So today, I’m grateful for A.J. who didn’t make me talk, for Amy who came over even though I’m a bit of a mess, and always and forever amen, I am grateful for P-Dub’s chocolate sheet cake. 
Things must not be all that bad if I can find that many things to be grateful for today.

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