25 Days of Christmas: Day 7

I’m impressed that my newspaper staff worked hard enough to have me home at a decent enough hour to actually watch a movie tonight. And I do love tonight’s movie: The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

It’s another cheesy romantic comedy, and parts of the movie hit just a little too close to home (Diaz plays a workaholic that doesn’t know how to relax; Winslet plays a lovesick woman looking for escape from her miserable life). One of these days I will muster the gumption to to a house swap and go someplace all by myself for a vacation. I think I need it.

It’s only been seven days since I’ve been watching these Christmas movies, and sure, it’s also been five straight days of using my light therapy box, but I am in an uncharacteristically good mood these days. It doesn’t make sense, and that’s not to say I’m not also a ball of stress (oh, the grading…why do I do this to myself!). But this season is going better than expected, in small part I think, due to the movies.

Today’s sad song? Well, my sister Deanne said last night she couldn’t wait for me to post “Happy Xmas,” so I thought I’d oblige and not make her wait any longer. Though I went above and beyond and found this awesome cover.

Deanne, you’re welcome!!!

2 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas: Day 7

  1. You really do hate me. Really?! I said the only good part of that song is hearing Yoko Ono at the end. And you select Celine Dion?! Who is on the list with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan of celebs I can't stomach?! Christmas is ruined!!!!!

    You can redeem yourself with some Counting Crows. Although not a “Christmas” song, per se, it is about December and year end reflection. :o)

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