25 Days of Christmas: Day 6

It might be the Christmas movies, it might be the regular light therapy I’ve gotten this week, but I’m in surprisingly high spirits, considering it’s deadline week for newspaper and I am convinced there’s no longer a sun in our atmosphere.

Tonight’s movie is “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”–the original super cheesy claymation one. I can’t remember the last time I watched it, and while I’m not sure it’s super-high quality, the nostalgia factor more than makes up for it. I felt like a carefree little kid while watching it, which I needed after a long week of making tough decisions and being an adult.

Tonight’s sad song? Well, I have a newspaper staffer who LOVES all things Christmas. The past two nights, my White Christmas Pandora has gotten a work out at newspaper deadline work sessions. Tonight, I told her about this little project and mentioned this title. She couldn’t believe it was an actual song.

I can’t believe The Decemberists covered it.

One thought on “25 Days of Christmas: Day 6

  1. Nothing to say really, just that I really love this series. It's like my own little advent calendar that give me a little holiday treat everyday.

    I thank you for that.


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