The List.

Every Thursday night I make a mammoth weekend to-do list. I usually know that I won’t finish everything, but having the list helps me prioritize what MUST be done (groceries, weekly meal-planning, considerable grading) and what MIGHT be done (laundry, some of the grading).

I could have ticked every item on my to-do list as complete this weekend, if I hadn’t taken four hours to spend with my friend Stephanie. But time with Stephanie is way more important than finishing ALL the research outlines and ALL the AP essays. So I currently sit with 12 remaining outlines and 25 remaining essays. I might get through a couple more tonight, and I might not.

Today I am grateful for the ability to just chill and give myself a break. I’m not always very good at that, as I set a very high standard for myself. But I need to relax a little more. I needed to spend time with Stephanie yesterday, and a little time on the phone with my friend Mike today.

The grading can wait.

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