Food and Mike and Matt.

Some days, it’s difficult to find much to be grateful for.

My car is being temperamental. I’m behind on my grading. I haven’t seen my sister or her kids in weeks. I’m behind on my goal for NaNoWriMo. On days like today, I have to turn to some of the more pragmatic elements of my life to find anything to be grateful for.

Today, that is food.

Mashed potatoes, chicken, and asparagus for dinner. The awesome bag of discount Halloween candy I bought last week. An ice cold diet Coke. (Oh, let’s be real…I had two of those today.)

Aaaaaaaand I just accidentally hit “publish” when I wasn’t ready at all.

Because I forgot to be grateful for one other big thing: my friend Mike.

He called me yesterday because every time he watches The Sing-Off, he thinks about calling me. Mike pointed out yesterday that he and I have been friends longer than we haven’t been friends. And it doesn’t matter how long we go in between phone conversations or actual physical meetings–we just pick up where we left off, do a little catching up, say goodbye, and wait for the next conversation.

And I can’t be grateful for Mike without being grateful for Matt (who, by the way, is one step closer to 40 today…heheheheh). These two guys are such important parts of my life, even though the three of us haven’t lived in the same state since 1991. I adore both of them, and I’m grateful that they married women who don’t see me as a threat (at least I hope they don’t, because I’m not).

They are true friends. And I’m grateful to have them in my life.

One thought on “Food and Mike and Matt.

  1. Mike and Ike!!

    Oh, and I am having to stop myself from making every single post on Facebook about gratitude for some type of food or another. I do love food.


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