The Car

Today I am grateful for my car. My car that is officially ten years old, my car that died on me 11 months ago for no explicable reason, my car that gets between 28-35 MPG every week, and 40 MPG when I’m exclusively on the highways.

This morning I had an appointment in west Omaha at 9 AM. Then I came home. This afternoon I met my friend Stephanie in the Old Market for a snack and then we saw a movie at Film Streams. Then I came home. In an hour I’m driving to Mid-Town Omaha to work with Kim and Becca at Starbucks. Then I’ll come home.

All told, I will have driven about 100 miles today.

And my car is warm and my iPod pumping podcasts through the speakers is a welcome traveling companion. I want my car to last two more years, and then I’ll get a new one, but I’ll miss my little Saturn when it does finally die.

One thought on “The Car

  1. I feel the same way about our Saturn…10 years old, 114K miles…and I still smile every time I get in it.

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