What to Say?

When the phone rang, I just knew. It was one of those rings, and even though I get regular phone calls from my parents, I just knew it wasn’t good.

My cousin’s wife died in a plane crash in Guatemala over the weekend. Here is one news story about it. This is the organization that my cousin runs.

My parents called to tell me, just as I was readying Thursday’s auction post. I don’t want to take the focus from this wonderful outreach for the Nielsons, but if you wouldn’t mind adding one more family (Johnsons and Rowses) to your already lengthy prayers, we sure would appreciate it.

ETA: One other report

3 thoughts on “What to Say?

  1. Jules I am so so sorry. It must be hard to take in. I read this last night and wanted to call but it was late. I will call you this evening.xoxoPS: My mom is putting your family names on many temple prayer lists around the world and you are all, of course, in our prayers too.

  2. Wow Jules – I’m so sorry. I don’t think it’s taking away from the Nielsons. In fact, I’m sure they would pray for your family too if they knew. You are an angel to continue reaching out to others through your own grief.Do you actually know the Nielsons? The blog that is coordinating all the auctions is actually a friend and fellow ward member of my sister in New York. Forget Kevin Bacon – let’s start the 7 degrees to the Nielsons. It’s probably more like the 3 degrees to the Nielsons from the looks of things.BTW, I rethought what I talked to you about before. I did some reading on his FB page, and I had a very different feeling. He is more cynical. You are a tender heart. So I will say nothing for now.Love you muchly – Deb

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