Dead Poet’s Society

Last night’s book club reminded me of how much I really love English literature in all its forms. I’ll be teaching high school English in a couple of months, and I haven’t had an English-only teaching load in 8 years. To be honest, while I’m grateful for the job, I’ve not been very excited about it. That changed last night.

Instead of reading a book and discussing it, we had a poetry night. We each brought several poems to share–a couple of women even read their own poetry. I’ve only written one poem that I’m proud of. A student used it in his poetry program when I was coaching speech.

It was soothing, relaxing, wonderful to sit with friends and read poems. There wasn’t a whole lot of analysis going on, which was fine with me. Here are some of the poems that were read:

Summer Lovin’

Wub, true wub

So cherish your wub…

Chicks rule

This is what I shared…one of my all-time favorite books written in free verse.

Oh, and I love, love, love this one.

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