Well, not really.

I still have finals to grade, semester grades to submit, graduation ceremony to walk through, celebrations to attend with friends and family, and a book chapter to revise and submit to my publisher by June 30.

And then it’s learning the junior English curriculum, purging–then packing–all my belongings, cleaning the apartment, moving to Omaha, attending a family reunion and setting up my new classroom. If I get my own classroom, that is.

I’ve told many, many people that the degree I’ve earned here in Ohio is really secondary to the other things I’ve learned about myself and life in general. One of those general life lessons is that life doesn’t stop. No matter what my plans are, there is always something else to do, something else coming up. You’d think that my years coaching speech would have taught me that. But no, I came to grad school to learn it.

At any rate, I finished my M.A. on time and with reasonable success, and it was hard work. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, my friends, and this:


  1. Very funny commercial…but can I just say, HOW COOL…to be able to say “a book chapter to revise and submit to MY PUBLISHER by June 30.”So proud of you (even if you are stressed!)! Love ya! mom



  2. I need some Tressant Supreme and some Annuale and I’ll be set for life….in prison that is!Ha! Congrats my Candidate for a Master of the Arts Sistah!



  3. Can you beliiiieeeeve it??? Congratulations!!! Whohooo!! And I agree with your mom, that is a very cool thing to be able to say. Well done, I am very proud of you!



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