4 thoughts on “Mystified

  1. I agree with Koala…maybe you should refer your entire class to Dr. Jan Itor. I would have died a little, too :0PS I love that episode so much I want to schmear it on a bagel.

  2. Who wouldn’t laugh at that?!?! I too am mystified! Maybe they all just need to be a man and eat some bran and drop their kids off at the pool.

  3. Wow – I made Matt watch it, and he said, “That’s a show Julie would like.” I laughed and said, “It’s from her blog.” He asked me to send it to him. I was laughing so hard I cried. Either those silly 18-20 year olds take their poo too seriously, or they’re so blase about it, they didn’t see the humor. Either way, too bad for them. That was hilarious!

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