Just Pictures.

It’s actually pretty difficult to write while I’m here, because I don’t know how to accurately describe what I’m seeing. My sister asked me yesterday, after I had finally changed out some dollars for yen and paid for our lunch, if I was feeling a little “Whoa. I’m in Japan” kind of moments. And I’m not. 

I have a couple of theories as to why I’m not looking around thinking “OH MY GOSH EVERYTHING IS IN JAPANESE AND I CAN’T COMMUNICATE WITH ANYONE.” And maybe Friday when we go to Tokyo I will have a complete freak out moment. But it hasn’t happened yet.
In the meantime, here’s some photos. Today we went to a ramen bar for lunch and to a store called Sexy Mizer to buy some tshirts for the folks back home. 
This was lunch. Ramen with roasted pork. I did not eat the egg.
This is how I ordered my ramen. It printed a ticket that I handed to my waitress to place my order.
This is me eating lunch with chopsticks. Second day in a row I’ve eaten in public with chopsticks and did not make a compete fool of myself.

Sexy Mizer has many shirts in Engrish. I’ve been assured that Engrish is not an insensitive term, though I have my doubts. I’m not posting pics of the shirts I picked up for family and friends, but these are still some winners.

When all else fails, just use completely random words in a string of randomness.

This shirt is a little, shall we say, inappropriate for young children. This shirt would fit a 7 year old.

By far my favorite. And a grorious holiday to you too. 

This is the mall where we ate lunch yesterday. We did not go to Gap.
This was my lunch yesterday. I promise I won’t become one of those annoying people who does nothing but post pictures of food all the time. I’m leaving Japan in a couple weeks and will not post pics of food from Provo and Denver.
These are Cronuts. I will probably have more, and I’ve made peace with the fact that I will probably gain 15 pounds while I’m here.  
So that is the latest wrap up–if we indeed make it to Tokyo on Friday, I’m sure I will have much more to say, or at the very least, show. 

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