When I Was 10.

Four Fridays remain before I leave my 30s. For the next four Fridays, I’m going through journals and sharing entries that represent the decades of my life. 

The outline of my 10 year-old hand, drawn in the front cover of my journal.

August 13, 1983

Summer was really fun. We went to Lion Country Safari. Boy, it was really hot there. The Marines were flying overhead and hurt everyone’s ears!

We also went to the LA Zoo. They have Koala bears–something that the Henry Doorly Zoo doesn’t have!

Last but not least: we went to Sea World! I was soaked to the skin with salt water just trying to pet a dolphin. We have a real fun time!

We did all of that in California. Then we went to Utah. We went to BYU and Temple Square. We had real fun there. Before we went to So. Cal. and Utah we went to a family reunion. We did a lot of things. We swam, we watched video tapes, just plain fun.

Then back home, but……we’re going back on vacation for my Nana and Gramps 50th Anniversary. And to Disneyland.

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