Worshipping The To-Do List.

As I drove to church today, I mulled over things I wanted and needed to get done–not only today but the whole week. And I thought, “If there’s a boring talk or a talk that drives me a little nutty (and there was one doozy of a talk today) I should make a to-do list.”

And then I forgot to make that list.

(I also forgot to pick up the fresh lettuce that a ward member brought for me, “apology lettuce” I call it, as she brought it to make up for missing a rehearsal a few weeks ago.)

I’m eight kinds of flighty these days and really need to restart my practice of weekly and daily to-do lists. Especially since tomorrow is July 1, which means I have 40 days of summer vacation remaining, and probably have about 80 days of work I should get done in that time frame.

With all the unstructured time I have, it’s just easier to actually do things if I have a list. And I even put fun things on the list in addition to the work things. This week’s list will have “See Much Ado About Nothing” and “Go hiking” and “Make ice cream” in addition to “Learn Photoshop” and “Finish Postmodernism Chapter” and “Write lesson plans.”

But at the top of this week’s to-do list?

Make a to-do list.

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