The Other Adviser.

Today I’m grateful for Mr. Stueve.

Stueve advises the Yearbook and Video Yearbook, but he might as well advise the Newspaper too, and I might as well advise his publications (many faculty members can’t really tell which one of us does what). We have a good working relationship, where we present a generally united front regarding how we want to run the publications.

But what I like most about working with Stueve, is that we share kids. We aren’t (too) territorial with our students, and most of the time it feels like one big crazy family. Many of his yearbook/video yearbook students and I know each other as if they were students in one of my classes, which makes sharing a room, computers and photos much easier, not to mention a load of fun.

And makes days like today–when we have an all-publications staff get-together–just absolutely delightful.

Occasionally I get a little wanderlust and think about teaching overseas or someplace exotic like…Northern Virginia or Chicago…but then I remember how good I have it teaching the classes I get to teach, using the equipment I get to use (topic for a future post), and working with Stueve (I work with other great teachers too…still have 14 days to fill, so they’ll get a turn).

So thanks, Stueve, for making work fun and tolerable, and for reminding me often that 90% of what I freak out about isn’t worth it one bit.


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