You Got A What? How Long You Had That Problem?

Today our publications staffs had a Thanksgiving post-lunch celebration. The following is an actual conversation at that event.

Student: You should go on Christian Mingle and find a boyfriend there. So-and-so’s sister totally met her husband on Christian Mingle. Or even better–is there a Mormon Mingle?

Me: Kind of, yes…

Student: OH MY GOSH! We are totally setting up a profile for you! This is so awesome! You will totally meet someone there! It’ll be so great!

What I am heartened by is the lack of “loser stigma” the students in this conversation had toward online dating.

What I couldn’t bear to tell them is that I’ve tried online dating, and it’s been nothing but a complete failure for me. Didn’t want to ruin their fun.

But it sure was sweet of them to want to find me a man, wasn’t it?

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