I Nearly Missed It.

I woke up this morning, determined to see the positive at school. Even said a little prayer that I’d be able to see quite easily what I could be grateful for.

Thus ensued one of the more challenging days so far this year.

By the time the last bell rang, I felt emotionally trampled, and had no idea what I would blog about. One day in, and I failed to find anything positive at school.

But while I was focused on everything that went wrong today, I missed something very, very important.

My amazing newspaper staff cranked out three stories.

One story (and the accompanying graphic) about the mock election was complete in one hour. A review of the one act play festival posted before tonight’s curtain time. And a story about construction that starts Monday also went up this afternoon.

I can’t believe I missed it while it was happening, mostly because I read their stories before they were published, so I was closely involved in the process.

It hit me when I looked at our Twitter feed later this evening, and saw the three stories, back to back, tweeted out to our followers.

My students did that. Got interviews, took photos, wrote stories, and published them.

Today, I’m grateful to work with such talented, capable, and overall fantastic journalists.


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