Gratitude: School Edition

I’ve kept these separate lives for quite a long time–a blog about school and education that I’ve neglected for far too long, and this blog about my personal life. I’ve thought about just melding the two lives, but I teach in a public school and sometimes I blog about my faith or relationships or politics. I worry that widespread knowledge about my life might land me in trouble at work.

 It’s November, which means I’ll spend the next 30 days looking at life through a lens of gratitude. But that almost seems too easy. Sure, I could always use more money, and I would love to have a relationship, but other than that, I definitely see many good things in my life.

Except for one place: school.

This year has been brutal. I mean, BRU-TAL. So to stretch myself, I’m going to blog this year’s gratitude challenge about school. Only those who work with me truly understand what an undertaking this is. But if the whole point of November’s gratitude blogging is to find the good in life, and I’m currently struggling to find the good in my life at school, then it’s actually a perfect fit.

I’ll link the posts over here every day, because I’m just not ready to merge the professional with the personal. And maybe a couple of times I will see how much my cup runneth o’er and I’ll write different posts on both blogs. But for today…

I’m grateful for this.

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