Sunday Twitter Roundup

It’s amazing how awful the beginnings of a cold can make me feel. I have been laying down most of the day yet can still barely keep my head up. I tell you this so you really appreciate the effort it’s taking me to complete this particular post.

I turn 40 next year. So this didn’t help.

My irrational crush on Adam Levine suddenly doesn’t seem all that irrational.

Please don’t judge that the first two links are to trashy magazine sites.

One of the best things on the Internet this week.

Not that you needed a reason to loathe Ann Coulter, but Ima give you one anyway. (Rather than link to her tweet, I just linked to the response to her tweet. Which, you should know, she said that people who get worked up over the word “retard” are aggressive victims who need to get over themselves.)

And the beauty of PhotoShop gives us this.

Fair warning: Thursday is Nov. 1, which means a return to the daily gratitude posts. And I promise to only be cynical about it 25% of the time.

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