I’m Coming Out….

Breathe, mom. I still like boys.

No, this post is about Facebook and my fake name. See, back in 2006 when Facebook had opened to colleges around the country, the only people who could create Facebook profiles were college students. I was heading to grad school so I was allowed to create a profile, but I had been teaching high school for six years, and really didn’t want to be friends with a ton of former students.

So I set up my Facebook profile with a fake name–a nickname that my friend Mike calls me to this day.

And then when Facebook opened up to everyone, I was glad to have the alternate moniker because it shielded me from students friending me.

But six years later, Facebook doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and rather than try to manage two Facebook profiles (one for me, one for school), it’s time to bite the bullet, acknowledge that EVERYONE is on Facebook, and trust that my privacy settings will still keep me safe.

See, one of my editors has this idea that since most of our staff is on Facebook more than they are on email, if we could communicate via a Facebook group, we might actually get more done. But that requires me to be the adult overseeing everything.

Which requires me to de-shroud the Facebook identity.

Tomorrow. One more night of anonymity.

2 thoughts on “I’m Coming Out….

  1. Not to burst your bubble, but a few students have already found your personal profile. Obviously didn't add you because that would be creepy, but it's been discovered. 🙂

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