So the inaugural Friday Night Movie was one I own: Airplane!

I’ve seen it many times, and its zingers are definitely part of American popular culture (A hospital?! What is it? A big building with sick people, but that’s not important right now.) It’s goofy, and I’m certain that the “Not Another _______ Movie” series wouldn’t exist without Airplane!. Then again, Airplane! wouldn’t exist without Mel Brooks.

And thus we see that there truly are no new stories.

That said, I hadn’t seen it in a while, and as with most films of that time, I am both shocked and giddy that my parents allowed me to watch it as a youth. Some of the jokes I did not get back then, but the simply funny parts, like 90% of the dialogue, Mrs. Cleaver speaking jive, the dance sequence are still what sticks out to me as an adult.

Then this morning, I decided to go see The Amazing Spider-Man. I have an AMC gift card that hasn’t been touched, and movies in the morning are $4.50…

All I have to say about The Amazing Spider-Man is that it is better than the Spiderman film of 2001, and how could it not be, looking at this face for over 2 hours?

As my friend Matt has often told me, I have a blind spot for dark-haired, kinda nerdy-looking tortured-soul guys. (I wonder if Matt realizes he was one.)

But swooning aside, I liked that it wasn’t as campy as the first film, and Gwen Stacy? She beats Mary Jane Watson every single day of the week.

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