Today a friend and I saw “Moonrise Kingdom” at Film Streams. It was gorgeously shot–the whole film reminded me of a beautiful children’s book, the story reminded me of most Young Adult literature. In a word, the film was just whimsical. 

And who couldn’t use a little more whimsy in life?
I haven’t been watching as many movies as I used to. And the universe keeps shoving articles my way about work-life balance. I’ve spent this summer reforming parts of my life–kicked the diet Coke habit, been pretty regular with exercise, reading more–all in an effort to actually have a bit of a life during the school year. 
I’m adding one more piece to the puzzle, so when school starts it’s just part of what I do: Friday night movies.
Starting tomorrow, every Friday night I will watch a movie, either one I own or one on Netflix, or on special occasions, one from Redbox or even at a movie theatre.
And then I’ll blog about the movies I watch. After all, this blog started as a place to review movies from AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

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