The Running Experiment.

So exactly one month ago today I decided I would “run” 100 miles this summer. “Run” means I am completing a running training program that gradually increases my run time, and I walk a lot. And while I haven’t dropped any weight at all, My hips feel slimmer, my tummy is smaller, and even my arms are slightly less jiggly.

I’ve tried running before and usually hit major obstacles, some physical, some mental. Here’s what I’ve learned this past month as I’ve logged 25 miles…

1. Vitamins are saving my life. Whether I am subject to a placebo effect or it’s actually true, I have been taking a multivitamin every day for the past six months, as well as drinking Propel every day. Yeah, yeah, I’ve read articles about “over-vitamin-ing” but let me tell you–I used to get really sick 5-6 times a year. Last school year I got one cold. ONE. And every time I started a workout regime, I would get sick. Been running for a month now, still feeling great. So I’m sticking with the vitamins. (And also tempting fate…)

2. I realized that when I watch sports–and that is often–not a single athlete is breathing easy, void of sweat. They are working hard. They drip with sweat and put hands on their hips after several minutes of running around. So why would I expect to be any different? When I’m sweating or breathing hard, I think of LeBron James (who I loathe) sitting on the bench with a towel on his head and I tell myself I can run 30 more seconds.

3. I actually run better outside. Of the 25 miles I’ve run, only 2 have been on a treadmill. I really am enjoying the different trails around town, and even though I run the risk of students seeing me suck wind, I’m even running around my neighborhood.

So I’m going to keep on trucking. I need to step up the mileage–I need to hit 7.5 miles a week minimum to make 100 miles by the first day of school.

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