What Are You Reading 6/11

My students often ask me why I don’t play video games. I tell them it’s because I lack hand-eye coordination. The students who pay attention to how I spend spare hours at school…accompanying choirs, soloists, playing in the pit for the musical…those students counter with, “Haven’t you been playing the piano for, like, ever?”

So I usually tell them it’s a different kind of hand-eye coordination and then change the subject.

But here’s the real reason why I don’t play video games: obsession. It’s too easy for me to just play and play and play. My niece and nephews are in town and when they asked to download Fruit Ninja on my iPod, I did. And then I played it once. And twice. And I have run down my iPod battery five times in the past three days. Which means I have not read hardly at all.

I did finish two of the three books I set out to read last week, but that was Pre-Fruit-Ninja. 

So this week, what am I reading?

Still working on The Book of Awesome.

Checked out The 10 PM Question and 3 Willows from the high school’s Overdrive ebook library and need to finish those this week.

And I need to stop playing Fruit Ninja so I can read more.

P.S. Love love love the Heist Society series. Uncommon Criminals was a fabulous sequel!

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