Can I Brag?

I don’t know if I blogged ever about the research I was involved with at BGSU. By complete serendipity, I worked with an amazing researcher in the field of Women’s Studies. Troubled by athletic media guides at the collegiate level, she wanted to research how collegiate women athletes would choose to be photographed.

I was a grunt in this research: I coordinated the athlete and photographer schedules, went to photo shoot after photo shoot, interviewed athlete after athlete. The research continued after I left BGSU, but that amazing researcher kept me in the loop and allowed me to help write a couple of articles–along with several other women.

I don’t want to misrepresent this point at all–I WROTE VERY LITTLE. And when we were getting ready to publish the first article, I balked at the order of my name.

“I should be last,” I said.

She told me that without my work, the research wouldn’t even exist.

Well, this morning she sent me an email that the second piece of academic writing our group completed has been accepted for publication. I don’t know when it will be published, but it will be in a peer-reviewed journal. This time I feel like more of a collaborator. I revised and edited several drafts, and a paragraph here and there that I actually wrote is intact!

My name in print. It never stops being exciting.

Thanks, Dr. Vikki Krane, Dr. Sally Ross, Dr. Montana Miller, Katie Barak, Catherine Lucas, and Kristy Ganoe for letting me tag along. I had a blast.

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