Proof I Am Criminally Insane.

I am doing this in November.

Is it cheating if I count my gratitude posts toward my word count?

Or should I move my gratitude posts to December, when I am at my Grinchiest?

Vote in the comments, Mom and Deanne.

Oh, and I have to thank my parents for getting me this:

It’s a light therapy box, and I’m hoping it will help…right now I am feeling placebo effects, I’m sure, but I’ll take it until the real deal kicks in.

3 thoughts on “Proof I Am Criminally Insane.

  1. I say do it!

    And then your gratitude posts can be grinchily sarcastic. Like “Today I'm grateful for the punk who messed up my Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate because it reminds me that not everyone has access to delicious warm beverages, even if they are messed up by a punk who can't get the concept of a “dollop” of whipped cream”

    Or, you know, something along those lines.


  2. I think you should do what will make you the most happy.

    p.s. or do what Deanne says, because even if that doesn't make you happy, it will make for delightful reading for the rest of us 🙂


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