Fighting Battles

Call me…Napoleon.

Wait, things didn’t turn out so well for him.

Call me…Grant.

His side won, right? But he was only fighting one war on one front. I’m fighting several battles on different fronts.

So maybe Napoleon fits.

That certainly doesn’t bode well for any of my desired outcomes, now does it?

How do I choose which battle to fight when they each are worthy? Important? Even necessary for the survival of civilization as we know it?

(Maybe that last statement was a tad hyperbolic.)

I’ve been throwing around the adage “pick your battles” my whole life. Now I feel I need to, and I feel like Sophie…

(Apparently, I’m choosing to continue with the hyperbole.)

So instead of thinking about it anymore tonight, I’ll grade a little, watch TV a little, and hope the morning brings me some clarity.

Or else I might end up suffering Napoleon’s fate at Waterloo…

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