Work, Work, Work.

Let me tell you about the people I work with.

But first, a little about Haiti.

I know someone who is working in Haiti right now. I don’t want to give details, for national security reasons. This person and the people he is working with in Haiti are lacking supplies. I learned of this lack through a mutual friend, who supplied me with a laundry list of things they need in order to help the Haitians.

I emailed the list to about a dozen of my colleagues, noting that I know times are rough but if they could give even a little, I knew it would be appreciated.

Within 15 minutes of sending the email, two people asked if I’d still take donations after payday (it’s Friday, thank goodness!).

The next morning, I had two emails from people saying they would bring something to my room Tuesday morning.

This morning, I had been in my classroom not TWO MINUTES, when two people dropped off bagfuls of toiletries, hand sanitizers, baby wipes and kleenexes.

By 7:45, I had so many supplies that the two flat rate boxes I brought in were overflowing, and I was utterly overwhelmed by the show of generosity–and the many more inquiries about when I’d be sending boxes. People want to help so badly.

I might not always see eye to eye with my colleagues when it comes to issues in education. But when it comes to caring for the poor, the needy, and those called to help, we must have more in common than we realize.

Can’t thank the staff at BW enough. Words don’t express how grateful I am.

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