I’ve been sick all week, but so dedicated to my job am I that I only took off three hours to go to the doctor. Dragged my feverish, congested, sneezy self to school every day this week because I couldn’t bear to leave my kids for the State Writing Test, their research projects, and their speeches. Consequently, when I came home every night, I was completely wiped out and not at all interested in blogging. But I started feeling better yesterday (the 60 degree weather didn’t hurt, I’m sure) and I am back to about 80%.

This upcoming week is a short one due to teacher inservice and Winter Break. For one of the workshops I’m taking, I was asked to take this test. So I took it, and while the workshop facilitator asked us to not tell anyone, I don’t think anyone from school reads my blog. But if any of my school friends ask you, don’t tell them that I am An Idealist:

Whaddya think? Does that sound like me?

5 thoughts on “Ideal

  1. I gotta say I think part of you is that way, or you are parts of those things, but I’d be interested to see the other choices. I’ve always thought of you as a realist, which is why I call you for help with all of my crises…you don’t sugar-coat reality.But I do love the new sugar-coat on the blog…it made me all happy-like when I saw it!

  2. yes! pretty blog – did you do it yourself? i think you probably are an idealist at heart who has learned to exercise the realist for survival purposes. i at least have felt like my idealist was put on the back burner after finishing college and facing “real” life.

  3. Deanne–I’m glad I don’t sugar-coat reality for you…I think that’s something I’ve gotten better at as I’ve gotten older. Sarah–I didn’t do it myself–Leelou Blogs. I got too tired last night to add their button (it’s their request for providing free layouts). And I totally agree with your assessment. Those tests are always hard for me, because I can see myself in all the possible answers…

  4. hey leelou is where i got my background from. i couldn’t figure out how to add her button so i just put it in the post when i declared i had a new style. i should go back and do more figuring.

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