I went to Memphis over the weekend to present here. Our presentation went rather well, and we received some really great feedback, which is the whole point of presenting at a conference. But we did a little sightseeing the day before we presented…

This is for my sisters, who sang “Walkin in Memphis” to me incessantly over the past several weeks.

I walked on Johnny Cash.

Elvis is cyrogenically preserved, a la Han Solo, in several places in the city:

This is how flooded the Mississippi is right now…a tree grows in the river:

The Mississippi as the sun goes down:

We went to a Memphis Redbirds game. Guess who owns half of Memphis?

Good advice for most situations:

Highlights of the baseball game:
**Every time someone walked, they played “Walkin’ In Memphis.”
**When they switched out pitchers, the organist played “Stand By Your Man,” followed by “Stay” (The Frankie Valli one).
**The organist also played an amazing rendition of “Funkytown” and “Rehab.” It was awesome.

It was an okay trip. I wish I could have eaten out more–we only had barbecue once, but it was sooooo yummy.


  1. But were your feet 10 feet off of Beale or weren’t they? And was the Reverend Green glad to see you? You don’t say! Cool pix! Thanks for taking us along 🙂PS I had no idea that Elvis was preserved, and in several spots no less. Yikes. That may explain all the sightings.



  2. Kirsty stole my comment! I guess I’ll go with my runner-up: did you really feel the way you feel?Sorry you missed Corky’s, but glad you got some good bbq anyway.



  3. Nothing like minor league baseball.I especially like “single A” ball. Seeing kids right out of high school…about 200 people in the stands…the perpetually tanned scouts with their notes…kids getting paid to play…imagine that. Trying to determine which one(s) will “make it”…or are they already thinking “I’ve made it” ?



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