Why I Don’t Go To Bars: A Reminder

The Players:
Him, a young, 20 something boy with scruffy facial hair, worn jeans, baseball cap, and slightly glazed eyes from too much drinking.

Me, a stunningly attractive girl, sipping a water, out with friends.


Him: So, like, there’s this girl who wants to sing a karaoke duet with me, but she said she won’t unless I am wearing a bra.

Me: (confounded look)

Him: So, like, I need a bra, and I was wondering if you would take yours off and lend it to me.

Me: I’m gonna have to say no.

Him: Really? Come on, I want to sing with this girl, I think she’s, like, THE ONE!

Me: Then she should give you HER bra.

Him: That won’t work for her, man. It has to be someone else’s bra.

Me: Then I guess you’re not singing with her tonight.

***I actually had a really nice time tonight celebrating my friend Melissa’s birthday. Our intruder was part of a bachelor party, whose attendees were performing dares. Apparently one of the dares was to see who could get a girl in the bar to hand over her bra. Nice.

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