Where Was I?

Blog poaching from Jen and Kirsty…

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was on my mission, serving in Montreal, on the English speaking side of the island. It was General Conference weekend. Highlights from my journal: one of my favorite Jeffrey R. Holland talks ever. “Mercy is a beginning to understanding the Plan of Salvation and Atonement…The Church is not a monastery for perfect people, but is a hospital.” Two days later I was transferred to the most difficult area of my entire mission.

2. Five years ago?

No journal entry from that exact date, but I was back in Nebraska, teaching at West. Excerpts from my journal in the general time frame: “My whole body hurts. Did a Body Pump class Friday night and I’m STILL feeling it. Plus I’m leading the music is Sacrament Meeting so I feel like my arm is about to fall off. Went to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch with single friends, including Chris–cute, single guy but he lacked some social skills, i.e. do not say everything that enters your mind to a total stranger.” I was three weeks away from attending my first speech tournament, and was in a constant state of panic and anxiety.

3. One year ago?

I was on Fall Break, in Omaha visiting friends and family. I still felt like I didn’t really have any friends in Bowling Green. Within a month, that feeling was gone.

4. Yesterday?
I was in Bowling Green. Went to Barnes and Noble and picked up Season 3 of The Office (had a coupon!). Worked for two hours, went grocery shopping, came home and watched The Office and Ugly Betty. I LOVE MY TIVO!

2 thoughts on “Where Was I?

  1. I was about to get all outraged and offended that you had failed to mention a fabulous evening out on the town with moi but then I realised that I was a day off. Good thing, that would have just been The Last Straw 😛


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