We Believe In Being Honest, True, Chaste…

Most days, I really enjoy my Political Science class. So much so, that I’ve toyed with the idea of getting my 2nd Master’s degree in Political Science, in hopes of teaching AP Government one day. But that midterm on Tuesday was killer. Some people ask me why I am taking a Political Science class, when my degree is in Popular Culture. One reason is because I thought I might be able to use some of what I learn in that class to write my thesis. And while I am not yet sure of the direction my thesis will take, I very well might use a little public policy theory as I write.

But another reason I’m taking that class is because the other class that fit best with my schedule didn’t quite fit with my value system. And while I’m all about academic freedom and all things the First Amendment stands for, I didn’t want to make any moral compromises. Besides, isn’t that the point of the First Amendment? I can choose to take a harder class in a program in which I know no one, instead of taking a class that, granted, would be very interesting, but at times would find me compromising my principles by mere attendance, and I don’t have the time or energy for battles of conscience.

But I’m sure I’ll be blessed for it. Making the right choice almost always results in a positive outcome. For example, I had asked for a couple hours off of work, since my parents were supposed to be coming to town. My boss left me a message, letting me know that I indeed needed to come only for two hours instead of my regular four. I grappled–for about five minutes–with the decision of calling her back, telling her that I could work my whole shift if needed. I could put those extra two hours to good use. But, knowing that I would feel guilty if she asked, “How are your parents?” when I came in later, I called her back, offering to work my whole shift.

No need, she said. I could come in and just work the two hours. So now I get an extra two hours off, AND peace of mind. Honesty. Pass it on. 🙂

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  1. good story. i hate my class. but at least there is no moral stress. my friend is in cartoon school and it is constantly constantly constantly straining his morals. it makes me sad for him.

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