Brave New World

I’m supposed to be writing a Poli Sci paper right now, but I’m mostly finished with it and I need a break. So I blog.

I purchased a TiVo and it has become my new best friend. I love being able to set up things to record and then watch them in a fraction of the time it takes to watch them live. But the spooky part of owning a TiVo is the “TiVo Suggestions,” which is a feature where TiVo takes stock of what I normally record, and then records programs it thinks I might enjoy. How does it know me so well after only a couple of days? It is a little creepy.

iTunes has a similar feature: Just For You. This is where iTunes considers all the things I’ve downloaded and tells me what my next purchase should be. Here’s what iTunes says I should buy next, and I don’t disagree:

But here are two that iTunes completely gets wrong:

Although I do love “Laughter in the Rain,” so maybe that Neil Sedaka is a must-have. At any rate, technology is grand, but at what point do I tell iTunes and TiVo to stop assuming I will like something?

11 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. Ummm…didn’t you download Neil Sedaka’s Rock Swings CD from iTunes? That may be why they think you like him. And you know you do deep down.And as far as them knowing what you like, how’t this : Pimple-faced college drop outs who have made unhealthy sums of money forming internet companies that create no concrete products, provide no viable services, and still manage to generate profits for all of its lazy day-trading son-of-a bitch shareholders. Meanwhile, as a tortured member of the disenfranchised proletariat, you find some altruistic need to protect these digital plantation-owners?

  2. Neil Sedaka ROCKS! How can you not love “Breaking up is hard to do” and “Calendar Girl” and Happy Birthday Sweet 16″ and “Oh Carol” and “Next Door to an Angel” … not to mention all he wrote for others like “Stupid Cupid” and “Love Will Keep Us Together” !!! Of course you want them all!!!!

  3. I think “mom” just went over the edge – the sedaka edge that is. i’ve always gotten a kick out of such “service” – remember to exercise your right to say no.

  4. Oh you know you are dying for that High School Musical soundtrack!! I remember Neil Sedaka…big fav with the ‘rents, I was grooving to him quite a bit as a kid too. It was a long time ago ok.Yeah sure Tivo is fun now, Tivo is cool and shiny and new, Tivo tells you want you want to hear and shows you what you want to see.. but will Tivo make you do push ups til you puke? Will Tivo give you abs of steel? No I did not think so. I’ll be here waiting when the infatuation wears off…

  5. Sarah–Mom did go off the deep end a little. 🙂Mom–I would expect nothing else from a card-carrying member of the AARP. Haha!!!Deanne–thank you for making me laugh by providing the BEST dialogue from Serendipity.Kirsty–no, TiVo won’t make me do pushups till I puke, but sinceyou said I should stop well before I get to puking stage, I’m not really worried about you doing that to me either. Jennie–NO HSM!!!!

  6. Wait, High School Musical 2??? You don’t want that?? I don’t understand.And also, I miss my TiVo. Now I’ll have to watch Lost with all those lame commercials.

  7. Jen–yeah, I’m not a HSM fan. My sister and I watched it together and mocked it mercilessly. Although her son really digs the music, so I tease her about that!I’m soooo ready for another season on Lost!!

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