I love today, because after an early morning trip to Columbus with the youth from church, I knew what was waiting for me. College football. Oh, how I have missed thee, college football. But I would like to ask for a moment of silence and offer my deepest respects to the following teams:

Weber State, Mississippi State, Murray State, and Buffalo; all for being the first true whipping boys of the season on Thursday night. These four teams combined for 20 points against their power-house ranked opponents, who collectively amassed 212 points.

A second round of recognition goes to Florida International for being nice enough, on the day of ol’ Joe Paterno’s return to the sidelines, to not score at all and give Penn State 59 points.

I don’t like blowouts like these. It cheapens the whole experience of the game. But I don’t think enough people give recognition to the Youngstown States of college football; after all, they didn’t HAVE to put Ohio State on their schedule. But they did, and Ohio State even let them kick a couple of field goals. It was awfully nice of YSU to give Ohio a false start to the season. Even nicer of them when you learn that Jim Tressel, OSU’s head coach, coached YSU to four I-AA Football championships in the 1990s.

But it’s foolish to underestimate those whipping boys: just ask Michigan, the only Big 10 team I ever root for. In a true heartbreaker (and of course, a game unavailable to watch on TV despite the fact that I live 54 miles from Ann Arbor), the Wolverines lost by 2, count ’em, 2 points to Appalachian State.

So while all the other teams have long, silent bus rides home to their small college campuses, I bet that App State bus will be rowdy, and rightfully so. Congrats to Appalachian State, even though they beat one of the teams I love…maybe this will motivate Michigan for the rest of the season. Or maybe they will realize any major BCS bowl hopes are completely gone and give up.

I just want them to beat Ohio State this year.

2 thoughts on “Taps

  1. I haven’t logged onto your blog in FOREVER because for a while there you weren’t blogging…so on a whim I decided to check it out tonight…Just had to say…AFA won! But it’ll probably be the only win they get all season as they were playing a division 1-AA team and they are still letting Carney QB. Much to Scott’s disappointment, I have no idea how BYU did. Anyway…fun blog. I’ve been enjoying reading it. I’ll check in more often now that you are blogging regularly!


  2. I’m glad you’re reading it again, and I’m sorry I haven’t called you…crazy crazy life right now. BYU won yesterda–beat Arizona 20-7. Nice start to the season!


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