Short Hair Person

Long hair–unwashed, just before the hair cut, and a little frizzy from the Omaha humidity:

Short hair, a couple days later…the person who cut my hair said she believes some people in the world are just short hair people. I’ve embraced that, I think. I’m a short hair person:

3 thoughts on “Short Hair Person

  1. I think I’m a short haired person too, I just haven’t had long hair in such a long time that I want to try to grow it out as long as I can. I’m always putting it up though.

  2. ah, the long haired days… where have they gone? i get so many compliments on my short hair (even when it needs cutting) that i’m probably a short haired peson as well. like cindy, though, i grew it out as long as i could just to see if i could! i wore it up more often than not. a student once said, “miss ward, you’d look really good if you’d just fix your hair.”

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