Goodbye, Friends

I haven’t posted in a while. I wrapped up my first year of grad school–successfully, even–and immediately headed to Omaha to see friends and family. And the whole time I was there, I took not a single picture, wrote nothing in my journal, but instead rested and just…was, if that makes any sense. It was a welcome break. Oh, I lost about four inches of hair while I was home–I will try to post pics tomorrow.

And now I am back in Bowling Green, and there is always a couple days of readjustment when I come back. But, strangely, Bowling Green is starting feel as much like home as Omaha is, which means next summer when I leave, it won’t be easy. But I learned that lesson when I was twelve, and we moved to Alabama for 10 months, knowing we’d move back to Omaha after our southern exposure. I made several friends, had a couple of cutesy junior high romances, and cried the day we left Alabama. I was returning to Omaha, returning to friends I had left 10 months earlier, yet I was sad. So leaving Bowling Green will be more of the same, I presume.

All this talk of leaving is on my mind because I had to say goodbye tonight to some TV friends. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls since it started, heeding Entertainment Weekly’s advice that if strong writing and fast delivery impressed me, then this show was a Must-see. So for the past seven years, every Tuesday night (or at least 22 Tuesday nights a year) I have spent with the Gilmore Girls, and I think I will miss them! It might sound a little pathetic, but much of America went through a similar withdrawal a couple of years ago when Friends finally went off the air.

In the class I teach, I lecture about para-social relationships–essentially, relationships we forge with characters on TV. I’ve never really been saddened to see a television show end, except for Sports Night. But as I watched the series finale of Gilmore Girls tonight, I was a little sad that it would be my last Tuesday with a new episode. Thank Heavens for DVD box sets–maybe the Tuesday night Gilmore fix will continue anyway.

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