Privilege and Guilt

April 7

The privilege of living alone in a pandemic:
I do not feel compelled
To strip naked in my doorway upon arriving home from errands
I do not feel compelled
To ration my own supplies so my loved ones will have more
I do not feel compelled
To eye every stranger with suspicion, afraid of what I might bring home

The danger of living alone in a pandemic:
If sick, who will feel compelled
To risk their life
To make sure I am breathing?

April 8

I let myself sleep in some days until 7:30 a.m. though I feel guilty.
That is 30 minutes past my typical arrival time to my classroom.

But students have other concerns right now, I tell myself,
And my classes do not rank amongst them.

Yet I still sat at my computer for office hours today
Hoping at least one student would stop by and say hello.

I am obsolete.

2 thoughts on “Privilege and Guilt

  1. On the other hand. . .

    Silently wishing for an
    Unidentifiable place to hide
    From those I love most
    For their sanity and mine.
    Oh, how my introvert batteries need
    And I realize
    This sounds like
    I am complaining.
    Not complaining. Overwhelmed. This
    Girl is overwhelmed, ironically, by love.

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