Pop Culture Roundup, Week 3

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

Every Wednesday, I wake up happy because I get to listen to my favorite podcast (besides the one I do, anyway): The West Wing Weekly. It’s an episode-by-episode analysis of one of my favorite shows, but what sets this one apart from other TV podcasts I’ve listened to is its reach of guests–politicians, actors, writers, charity-runners–it’s fantastic.

And honestly, this past week, that’s about all the popular culture I’ve engaged with. I’m trying to find a balance of being horrified at the news, compelled to act in some way, but still allow myself to enjoy, you know, life.

So I’m hoping to catch a movie this weekend, and not get too down about how badly Gonzaga will destroy BYU tomorrow night, and get back to finding small pleasures in film and television and music.

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