Pop Culture Roundup, Week 2

Here’s what’s making me happy this week:

Hidden Figures. Have you seen it? WHY NOT? DO YOU HAVE A SOUL?

But seriously, go see it. It is wonderful, and really made me think about all the ways math is part of our everyday lives and I just never notice. Phenomenal, inspiring film.

On Netflix, check out Jim Gaffigan’s new stand-up special titled “Cinco.” While not as gut-busting as his previous specials, he still makes me laugh.

In television, I’m finally caught up on “This Is Us.” If you’re not watching this show, then I just assume you don’t like twists or family drama or crying. Which, now that I write that, I guess I can see why you might not be watching. But I love it, even if the character of Jack Pearson has to be ruining expectations for husbands everywhere. He’s a pretty tall order to fill.

Today on the way to church I listened to Faure’s Requiem. It calmed me and reminded me of the potential we humans have to create beautiful art. Yes, sometimes when I’m angry I need Pearl Jam or The Killers, but sometimes I need a good requiem. And Faure’s is one of the best.

And I do read: I’m halfway through Willa Cather’s Pulitzer Prize winning “One of Ours.” I am loving it, which surprises me, because I avoided teaching “My Antonia.”

What did I miss? What should I be listening to or watching?

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