Whoops. Still Grateful.

I woke up this morning extraordinarily tired, and as I stumbled from bed to shower, I realized this morning was November 3, and I hadn’t yet blogged about anything I’m grateful for.

I’ve been doing mostly-daily gratitude blogging every November for years, in which I usually start strong and miss days somewhere in the middle. Pretty sure this is the first year I’ve missed the first two days.

I still have a long night ahead of me, but let me catch up on what I’m grateful for so far this week:

  • Parents who love me and, even though I am in my 40s, still listen to me through tantrums when I’m angry at the world.
  • Students who turn in their work on time.
  • Friends who make me laugh.

Quick story from today that I need to write down, lest I forget it: I walked into my Popular Culture class, set down my computer, and realized I’d left the copies for class in my other room.

“I’m an idiot!” I said out loud.

And a sweet young woman said to me, “No, you’re not, and you shouldn’t say things like that about yourself.”

Almost immediately the song from “Into the Woods” ran through my head: “Careful the things you say, children will listen…”

I would never want this student to call herself an idiot, and I am grateful for the reminder that I need to be a little more gentle with myself.

I’ll do better tomorrow.

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