What’s On Your Mind?

Some random thoughts as I have way too much (but sorely needed) down time this summer…

  1. I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary “OJ: Made in America.” Compelling. Terrifying. Also made me feel a little bad for screaming at my uncle, post-verdict, when he agreed with the acquittal. Seeing the context of the entire case, the evidence, the systemic issues at play showed me the nuances that I was ignorant of 21 years ago. Although, 21 years ago, I was also pretty young and therefore, probably by default a bit ignorant in general.
  2. During last week’s filibuster in the senate, I tweeted about the minuscule renewed hope I felt watching senators doing something about gun-related deaths in this country. Some troll from Texas kindly asked me to leave the country. That was fun!
  3. I just now learned how to spell minuscule.
  4. And I just now learned that none of the proposed gun legislation from the senate passed. I’m discouraged. And disgusted.
  5. I really need to stick to the regimented schedule that I set for myself every Saturday. I plan an hour of writing time every day. I have yet to use it. It might help me with the discouragement and disgust.

What’s on your mind?


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