Summer Break Week #4

The fourth week of Summer Break was most excellent.

With my brother-in-law on the High Adventure with the Boy Scouts, and my sister working in the morning, I got to spend some time each day with my three nieces. Usually I don’t get to help out with them, since I’m wrapped up in school, so I was happy to hang with them all week.
We went to the library and then out to lunch on Monday. Tuesday, we hit up the botanical gardens–I prefer Denver’s gardens, but in a pinch, these weren’t too bad. It was the first time I’d been to Omaha’s. Wednesday we went to the Joslyn Art Museum and hung out in their ArtWorks! room, which is a place for kids to explore different artistic elements. Then Thursday, we worked in their yard and cleaned up the house a little bit. 
My nieces are at that age where I don’t spend a whole lot of time telling them what NOT to do and instead we just have fun. They are pretty cool kids.
I usually left them around 12:30 or 1, and I spent my afternoons and evenings finishing my 2nd grad class, working on my book, watching movies, or reading.
I finally finished Command and Control by Eric Schlosser–what a fantastic book, and an important part of my family’s history. I also finally finished The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens, which was another fantastic book and gave me much to think about in terms of my faith.
I caught up with some friends via Facebook and email (friends who live far away), and with all that I did, I still had time to binge-watch a TV show (Manhattan), sleep in, and work on my book. 
Week 4 was pretty awesome. 

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