Montana Monday: Morrissey

I know I had started listening to The Smiths the year before we moved to Montana, but I really got into Morrissey my junior year of high school, because the object of my affection loved him. (That should have been a giant red flag…) And since today was a gray day and right now I am listening to biblical rain hit my window, here’s today’s song.

Oh, and I should mention that every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of the summer of 1992, when the sun shone exactly 3 days all summer, and it rained nonstop. And to find out what else happened that summer, you’ll have to buy my book once it’s published.

And by the way, posts this week are going to be short–it’s newspaper deadline week AND parent-teacher conferences, so pretty much the closest thing to Hell Week a teacher can experience.

One thought on “Montana Monday: Morrissey

  1. This post makes me super happy. Morrissey is the most depressing artist to make me smile. Why is that? Now I know how Joan of Arc felt. (yes, I know that is Smith's, but it counts)

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