The Secret Life of a Wannabe Teenager.

School has been out for two weeks now, and in that time, let’s take a look at my accomplishments:

  • Read six books
  • Completely cleaned and gutted my bathroom (except I forgot the blinds. Gotta get on that.)
  • Did laundry (but have not actually put any of it away)
  • Allowed gravity to take over my housekeeping skills (Gravity is Great!)
  • Completely redesigned my Circadian rhythm to the following: Bed around 2 AM, up around 10 AM, nap around 7 PM, lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Became addicted to Candy Crush Saga…three different levels on three different devices

And that’s about it.

Sure, I went to a journalism adviser meeting, and I’ve worked out a little bit, but I am working on my own little version of “Flowers For Algernon” here–except I’m not losing my intelligence (that I can tell, anyway), I’m losing my workaholism.

This really and truly is the first summer in a very long time that I can recall having no plans. No family reunion to work around, no trips to take, no grad classes…there is absolutely nothing demanding my time.

On one hand, it’s exhilirating. On the other hand, I don’t want it to suddenly be August 1st, and all I have to show for the summer is having seen every Braves game, getting up to level 100 on Candy Crush Saga, and watching every single NCIS marathon on USA.

So I’m giving myself two more days of this kind of behavior, and then I REALLY need to get back to my normal, workaholic self.

I kinda miss her.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Wannabe Teenager.

  1. Work is overrated. So far I have finished one lame grad class (2 more to go), cleaned the attic and sorted through lots of school projects, put all our cds into iTunes (this sucked), cleaned, more loads of laundry than I can count, been working VBS each night this week, planted all my flower beds—I'm tired. Work sucks.There's a lot to be said for marathons of NCIS and whatever that Candy thing is. It all sounds delicious. I'm officially jealous and may take tomorrow to join you.


  2. I forgot to add that I started learning HTML and have finished 8 lessons. So there's that…your summer so far makes me want to take a nap, Amy.


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