Why I Stay.

Early this morning I was on a bit of a ledge. Frustration gripped my attitude, and I started to question why I’m still teaching.

On cue, a friend sent me this YouTube video, which body-slammed that frustration and freed me to start remembering why I stay.

I stay, because I get to read articles like this and discuss diction and purpose.

I stay, because I get to watch a small band of reporters generate story ideas for our final issue of this year’s paper.

I stay, because I get to read poems written by students who say to me, “It’s really not that good.” I stay because I love the look on their faces when I am genuinely floored by the poems they write. So much better than mine.

I stay, because I get to have conversations like these:

“Have you read (X) book?”

“Not yet–it’s on my list though!”

“Ms. Rowse, you HAVE to read it! It’s so good! I stayed up way late because I couldn’t stop reading it!”

I stay, because when I have the time to go to their concerts and games, I choke up with pride in their possibilities.

I stay, because for any given bad day I might have, I get to have days like today.

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