A Very Special Twitter Roundup

I spent most of Wednesday night trolling the interwebs for nothing in particular yet found some amazing finds, Valentine’s Day Style. I tweeted them as I found them, but as a V-Day gift to Deanne, I’m posting them here prior to Sunday. Though by the time she reads this, it’ll be past V-Day, since she lives on the other side of the world. Whatevs.

I love these cards almost as much as I love these cards.

Warning: by MPAA standards, this supercut is rated R for more than two f-bombs. But having lived many of these moments, I can then only extrapolate that my life is rated R. Rated R for Radical.

Free Kindle books are the best! (When they aren’t erotica, anyway…)

Deanne, you might not want the kids around for this one.

And finally, the story of my favorite Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day will be spent at teacher in-service, pit rehearsal, the gym, and a movie.

And probably with candy.

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