25 Days of Christmas: Day 16

How did it get to be 8:15 already?

No movie for Julie today, since she spent the whole day at church/grading/cooking/practicing the piano.

On the bright side, I do believe I will finish all the research papers no later than Tuesday (tomorrow if I’m REALLY motivated). Students take finals Wednesday and Thursday, and then for 16 glorious days I will have nothing to grade.

Tonight’s sad song…I really love this one. I have an irrational crush on Don Henley. Deanne’s version found here.

One thought on “25 Days of Christmas: Day 16

  1. Bahahahaha!!! Seriously. You are hilarious. Totes.

    This is like that thing where you hate one thing and a different thing and then the two things get put together and you want to scream. Yeah…that's what this is like.

    I'm gonna call you at 5am and go all Charlie Brown in your ear. Be ready.


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