25 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Forgoing Sunday Twitter Roundup today (it’ll return next week…given that I actually sleep this week…) in favor of bringing you holiday cheers and tears!

“Mr. Krueger’s Christmas” is a film produced by the LDS church, and stars Jimmy Stewart as Mr. Krueger. That was the film for today, and it’s available on YouTube (completely illegally and totally poor quality) which is how I had to watch it, because I can’t find my DVD anywhere.

It’s a sweet story about a lonely man on Christmas Eve who just wants to be known. He daydreams (much in the same way as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) about conducting and hanging out with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, decorating a town tree, simply being part of a community, and attending a certain event in Bethlehem.

If you like the MoTab, this is a must-see Christmas movie, as they provide all the music for the 25 minute film. As a church movie, you can expect a clear message of faith near the end, but it also is a great reminder that at all times–not just at Christmas–we need each other.

Following up that feel-good movie with the best Christmas break-up song ever.

So sad.

One thought on “25 Days of Christmas: Day 2

  1. Dang that song is depressing. And so beautiful, too.

    I think I left my Mr Krueger's Christmas in storage. :o( I'll have to see if I can borrow it…or watch it a la Julie on the youtubes.

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